Thursday, December 23, 2010

Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris-"Tonight (I'm Fucking You)"

WOW It's been a while!
So I came across Enrique Iglesias's video for "Tonight (I'm Loving You)" feat. Ludacris, (released Dec. 22) and I could've sworn that I'd seen another title for it. Sure enough Vevo provided a link to a music vid for "Tonight (I'm Fucking You)," content warning and all.
Now I am hooked on the song, but there's a content warning for a reason and it's not for the rhythmic f-bomb.
There are a few boob shots and intentional nips.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can't Turn Off: "Whip My Hair"

    I can not get enough of this SONG!
I first heard this song a few weeks ago and was immediately pleasently surprised by a crazy catchy track that translated some mad attitude.
Not knowing the name of the artist, I googled a few lyrics and who pops up?
the nine year old has skills.

    The video to the song was released on Willow Smith's sparse website
    So far no whines and cries from parent groups because honestly the video and the song are just full of fun and Smith's attitude is amazingly refreshing.
    Personally I like a track from a kid that isn't dripping with unrealistic love nonsense, beach trips, and lollipops.

    I've had it on replay all day. I really hope no one takes the line "whip it real good" out of context. C'mon people she's talking about her hair.  Her makeup isn't hookerish, and her energy is awesome.
    The only thing people could even begin to question is how she was strategically put in the limelight after her brother….just sayin'

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Body, Less Soul by Sabina Gallier

Not inadequate,
not useless.
In fact I function far too well.
Far too aware but with no care,
no sense of self.

Not the inside, but out
I am more body, less soul.
Not the heart, liver or stomach,
but that which encompasses the whole.

I am the skin
I am the flesh
I live for muscle and bone.
I am the nerves that spark when touched
I am the familiar, if it is a woman, you have known.

I am the shadows against the wall,
The moisture that falls from the cheek as heap upon heap of people surround
creating a madness in my mind that intertwines with such sounds.
A timeline of touching.
A calendar of corruption
A life taken and killing the one that continues to rise from the ashes.
A life that crawls back to the fire from whence it came.

So able to please

No heart, no whole
More body, less soul

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As promised, another amazing video from Lady Gaga. "Alejandro" premiered today.
"She likes epics. It fits her personality," director Steven Klein said.
The kind of video that makes you say, "I can't believe they did that!"
It will surely get a rise out of the political and religious corners and some will get their panties in a twist...if they haven't taken them off already after watching this.

I have to watch it several more times, you must excuse me.


Monday, June 7, 2010

The Hard times of R.J. Berger

After the MTV Movie Awards the not-a-music-channel premiered its newest comedy series
The Hard Times of R.J. Berger.

The plot is simple:
Nerd+Big Dick = Hilarity!

"Hard Times" not only refers to the difficulties of growing up but also refer to his....endowment

So far I'm seriously impressed by the one episode I find this show to be absolutely hilarious!
The show will air Mondays at 10p.m. on MTV starting June 14th

AND IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! FULL EPISODE (Don't be intimidated by the video still XP and you might want to listen to it with earphones)


According to the Facebook page, ALEJANDRO is set to premier tomorrow at 9a.m. on, VEVO, and YouTube!!
 Preview a couple posts ago if you haven't seen it yet!!!

Gaga huh!?. Strange image

Now I have an ok eye for things that might be hidden in videos, fast frames or still photos, and after re-watching the preview for "Alejandro" for the 20th time, I spotted things that were interfering with what I'd already memorized.

The thing that caught my eye the most was an image hidden in the milliseconds of the 00:17 mark.

Was it someone with a bag over their head? What was it!?

After what seemed like a hopeless journey between 00:17 and 00:18, and after about 50 tries, I got it!

What is it!?
I skimmed through the internet to see if I wasn't the only one who noticed this alien-like figure and sure enough, "creep face" was plastered all over message boards.

The preview is obviously not enough for anyone to guess the theme but THIS image has tingled my excitement further. It also appears in the beginning of the preview at the 00:03 mark.

Is the video truly being released today? I'm hearing a combination of yes and non-believers. We'll see.